Siliacryl 23 Super is a product formed of synthetic resins combined in aqueous dispersion. It appears as a white-grayish homogeneous paste.

General Characteristics:

1. One component
2. High adhesion power
3. Density 1.46
4. Viscosity 600 ctps.
5. Porosity 0.10% in 24 hours at 175° F
6. Expansion 50% at o F 75% at 70° F
7. Operating temperature 40° F to 200° F
8. Protective film formation 60 min.
9. Excellent resistance to water and moisture
10. Complete polymerization 30 days
11. Resistance to weather conditions:

Siliacryl 23 Super is not affected by any chemicals in the atmosphere.


Siliacryl 23 Super is used with very good results for the elastic joining of most materials, either traditional or of new conception.

In particular:

  • Concrete in general
  • Plasters
  • Asbestos-Cement
  • Bricks
  • Sandstone

Joining can take place either between materials of the same type (i.e. sandstone to sandstone) or between materials of different natures (i.e. cement to sandstone).

Fields of Application

The material's remarkable elastic properties and excellent resistance to aging deterioration, make it a material of prime importance in the building industry. It is being used in: floors, pre-fabricated walls, plaster, etc. It is especially suitable as an elastic joint in concrete, pre-fabricated concrete elements, compressed cement, building coating, etc.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces in contact with Siliacryl 23 Super should be thoroughly cleaned prior to application of material. Dust and solid particles may be removed either by brush or by compressed air. Grease should be removed by appropriate solvents.

Prior to the application of Siliacryl 23 Super elastic joint, a primary coating should be applied to the surface to be treated by means of an ordinary paint brush.

Primer 270 - to be used on concrete, plaster, asbestos-cement and compressed cement.

Apply Siliacryl 23 Super approx. 30 min. after application of primary coating.

Method of Application

Cartridge: Cut-off end of cartridge and press content out by a caulking gun.

Tin container: Use spatula or gun.

After the surface has been treated, the material should be applied uniformly. Care should be taken to avoid creation of voids or air bubbles within the material or along the edges.

It is advisable to smooth and flatten the material with a finger that has been immersed in soap-water or with a suitable spatula.

The width of a joint can range from 1" to 1/8". If its depth exceeds 1", it may be reduced by a suitable back-filler such as a foamed-polyethylene round profile.

Warning: Application of Siliacryl 23 Super is not recommended at ambient temp. below 32° F.

Siliacryl 23 Super is not flammable and not toxic and does not have any harmful effects when used properly for its intended purpose.

polyethylene cartridge-330 cc
plastic container- 25 Kg.

Storage: Keep away from heat or frost.

For additional information please call the Technical Department, Shahal Ltd., Tel. 08-8584444.