ACRITAZ 550/300



What is Acritaz 550?
It is a pasty material to produce an exterior and interior ornate coating in all types of building . It contains a high percentage of acrylic resins which grant it strength, elasticity, elegance and ease of application.

Is the paste water tight?
Yes. Acritaz is water tight but permits passage of water vapor. This is its big secret.

And what about weather conditions?
Acritaz withstands all weather conditions-hot and cold, and extreme temperature differences, including humidity and salinity of sea shores. Its elasticity and penetration ensure the protection of these properties for many years.

What can be done with this material?
The physical and chemical properties of Acritaz enable a large variety of aesthetic patterns in building coatings, without harming the coating quality.

There is no more the need to compromise between quality and appearance, Acritaz provides both.

The resistibility of this acrylic paste, its water tightness, strength and elasticity and above all-ease of application and labor-saving, exist in all conditions, all forms and all patterns.

Does it require a lot of preparation?
Luckily, it does not! (Actually this is not luck. We took care of that beforehand). The only "care" that should be taken before applying the ornate coating is : making sure the base on which the paste is applied, is contact, free of grease and dust. that is all.

How is Acritaz used?
With a roller, brush or sprayer. Spraying enables receipt of different textures, in one color or in a blaze of color, without differences in tone or hardening. For a smooth coating use a roller or a brush-dilute the paste to ease its application even more.

Especially decorating results can be achieved by brushing or spraying one coat, or two diluted coats, and spaying in the end another coat of Acritaz.

For additional information please call the Technical Department, Shahal Ltd., Tel. 08-8584444.