Shahal-Latex Formula 1

The New Multipurpose SBR Cement Additive for Building Works

Based on Styrene-Butadiene Rubber


"Formula 1 " is an SBR- based emulsion, which was developed to give a solution to the building sector for almost all problems where cements should be used to improve the quality of the building work.


- The workability of the plaster mass or of the cement mixture is excellent.
- High modules of elasticity.
- Very high adhesion, incomparable to other materials.
- Good abrasion resistance.
- Water tight and does not soften by water in the long run
- Increases the resistance to chemicals
- Lower Shrinkage.
- Absolutely resistant to alkalis.


- As cement for outdoors and indoors plaster.
- For all kinds of cement-based sprayed-finishes.
- For outdoor plaster near the sea.
- For sealing walls.
- For binding new concrete to old on.
- For concrete repairs.
- For adhesive mortar for floor tiles.
- For binding stone, marble, granite, etc. to walls.
- Plaster for water tight joints between external stone layers
- For smooth layer of any thickness on top of concrete or any other vase material.

The exceptional resistance of "Formula 1" to alkalis and the exceptional compatibility with inorganic materials, such as cement, lime and gypsum, make the use of "Formula 1" very simple. Just add "Shahal-Latex Formula 1 " to the water to be introduced to the mixture, in a ration of 1:1 -1:3 water to "Formula 1" and introduce this water to the mixture instead of the tap water. As soon as the mixing starts, you can notice the big difference between using SBR and using other cements based mixtures.

Note! The amount of water needed to prepare a cement mixture while using " Formula 1" is much smaller than the amount of water required without such additive.

Following are several examples:

Outdoors plaster- Add one 5 kg can of "Formula 1" for each bag of cement or 10% of the cement in the mixture. The "Formula 1" mixed in water should be introduced with the first pail of water.

First layer of plaster- Add 1.5 cans of "Formula 1" (7.5 kg) for each bag of cement or 15% of the cement. The "Formula 1" mixed in water should be introduced with the first and second pail of water.

Outdoors plaster near the sea - Add "Formula 1" mixed in water in ration of 1:1 water to "Formula 1", instead of the tap water until getting workable viscosity. To assure high resistance, sealing, adhesion and resisting carbonization.

Cement-Based sprayed plaster- Add one can of "Formula 1" (5 kg) for each bag of cement to get good resistance against wetness and to achieve good adhesion.

New concrete on old concrete- Prepare dry mixture of cement + sand in ration of 1:1 . Mix water and "Formula 1" in ratio of 1:1. Add the resulting liquid to the cement -sand mixture until getting spreadable thin mixture. Lay on the clean old concrete as a primer, and while this layer is wet, lay the new concrete layer. It is advised do add 15% weight "Formula 1", with respect to the cement, to the new concrete layer.

For Applications such As:

Plaster for floors, marble or resinous marble, Terrazzo tiles, overlaying walls with stone or marble, treating surfaces of roofs, corners, for white washing roofs and for many other applications. The "Formula 1" preparation should be used in ratio of 1:1 -1:3 water to "Formula 1".

Shahal-Latex "Formula 1", thanks to its SBR unique composition, is defined by experts as "Super "Additive", which gives solutions to almost any building problem and it will replace the pure acrylic cements, because of its unique and superior properties.


Chemical Composition: Liquid Styrene-Butadiene rubber
Color: white liquid
Density: 1.02 kg/liter
Shelf life: one year, under proper storage conditions
Cleaning: with water-prior to drying.

For additional information please call the Technical Department, Shahal Ltd., Tel. 08-8584444.