Plastering Cellular concrete Blocks

Cured in autoclave ("Itong Blocks")



The following questions are asked when one has to plaster a building built of Itong blocks:

1. How to assure that the excellent properties of the Itong block are maintained after the plastering as well?

2. How to prepare a mortar that will adhere to the Itong block without wetting?

3. How to prevent penetration of wetness in winter time to the Itong block which results in the decrease of the thermal insulation provided by this block?

SOLAN 413 provides solutions to the above problems.

For a very small extra cost per square meter, one can get a building with qualities much better than those attained by the conventional products.

Preparation instructions

Mix in a concrete mixer or manually, the following components:

3 volume parts of cement 6 volume parts of sand/ready mortar Mix until getting uniform consistency. Add l volume part of Solan 413 plus one volume part water.

Mix well. If the resulting mixture is too thick, add slowly little water and be careful not to make a mixture which is to dilute. In the latter case add some cement sand (Solan 413 has an excellent wetting ability).

Application Instruction

1. Repair major defects in the walls in the conventional way. The block joints and

2. Wash the Itong block walls with water to remove dust prior to the plastering (up to 24 hours before the plastering).

3. Apply the Solan 413 layer on the wall using a trowel without wetting of the wall.

The recommended thickness of the layer is 4-5 mm. Before drying, scratch slightly the surface of the plaster or achieve slightly scratched surface.

4. Cure as any other cement-base plaster

This layer replaces the conventional cement-water layer and the extensive work related to repairing block joints.

After drying, one gets a layer attached very strongly to the Itong blocks, without cracks, sealing against wetness and enabling the application of the final smooth plaster layer, if required, much easier. the upper plaster layer or any other designed finish layer can be applied on the Solan 413+ plaster layer.


Solan 413 is a product of development which will drastically change the conventional building methods.

For additional information please call the Technical Department, Shahal Ltd., Tel. (08)858-4444.