Decorative Texture Coating on Structures

For Outdoors and Indoors Protection


General Description


" Supertex 200" is a rough coating, produced by new production processes and based on excellent acrylic resins, intended for outdoors coating of buildings against wetness and for acquiring resistance to tough weather conditions.

"Supertex 200" is unique by its long life and beautiful colors. The coating is ford plastered walls, precast concrete, asbestos, etc. Supertex 200 is available in colors as per the color table or in natural color that can be dyed, using standard acrylic coloring pastes.

The Application Mode

Spread or spray "Acrilite 70" on a dry cleaned base, free of oil, grease, dust or lime, in two layers, having a color similar to the "Supertex 200" color. After drying of the primer layer, spray a layer of " Supertex 200" in the desired texture.

"Supertex 200" can be sprayed in several layers according to the desired decorative effect.

"Supertex 200:" is an excellent product, complying with the requirements of specification 116 of the Israeli Standards Institution.

"Supertex 200" can be applied by a roller and by diluting the material (slightly) with water and spreading it on the surface to be treaded by a proper device to get the desired texture.

Technical Data:

Dilution: In water, as required.

Drying time: 2-4 hours

Application: spraying or rolling

Packages: 30 kg cans, 200 kg plastic drums

No other material should be added to Supertex 200.


For additional information please call the Technical Department, Shahal Ltd., Tel. (08)858-4444.

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