The impervious Titacril 215 is a specially prepared product which can be applied to all tile-flooring (except granite-porcelain and polyester based marble tiles) interior or exterior.. Adhesive properties of the product are not altered by temperature. from -20 c to +90 c. However, application will have to be done at a temperature above 5 c


The Titacril 215 is poured into any container. Its density depends on surfaces to be covered or paved. According to necessity, density can be reduced by addition of water, or increased by addition of normal cement up to a maximum of 25% in weight. In case of addition of water, as the adhesive is formed of water-resisting resins, it is necessary to mix the adhesive with water gradually taking care of mixing well without stopping till one obtains an homogenous paste. On the contrary, if increase of density is required, it is advised to mix cement with a small quantity of water, then to pour the whole into the adhesive and well -mix, which will quickly become a homogenous paste. Addition of maximum percentage of cement accelerates resins hardening delay. The Titacril 215 is particularly recommended for the setting of non absorbent coating or tile-flooring materials, on bases which are absorbent. After the setting of the adhesives, the surface must be striated with the toothed spatula, and then the final covering can be applied. Preservation In order to preserve the Titacril 215 perfectly, store it in its own packing, well close and in a cool place. Packing Ordinary packing: plastic cans containing 30 Kgs. adhesive. Directions for Use The Titacril 215 is applied like a normal mortar. For quicker application and minor consumption, it is recommended to apply it with a 20-20 mm or 30-30 mm toothed spatula.

The laying of our products is particularly simple. In case of vertical partitions, the adhesive is applied on the surface from bottom to top with a smooth spatula, and then from bottom to top again with a toothed spatula. A different inclination of the spatula will give thinner or thicker adhesive strips, as desired. When applied, the Titacril 215 can be used for about one hour

The operator will have to prepare the surface corresponding to his working-time; if the Titacril 215 is applied in very ventilated places, it will tend, after about half an hour, to " film" on surface.

The work already done will not be damaged though; one only has to striate the surface once more with a toothed spatula for the Titacril 215 to recover its adhesive power.

It would be better that the coating or tile-flooring material should not be wet.

However, should the material be damp or soaking wet, adhesion would not be impaired, the hardening-delay would only be longer.

It is not necessary to exert a pressing when laying. The plates will simply be brought into contact white the adhesive on the whole surface to get the best possible leveling.

If necessary, because of the Titacril 215 long hardening-delay, materials already applied could be moved ( to obtain a perfect fitting correspondence between horizontal and /or vertical joints, etc..) without impairing the adhesive properly.

The tile-flooring or coating once applied can be cleaned immediately.

However, it is recommended to avoid an excess of water in order not to impair the adhesive-hardening. The hardening-delay varied with the degree of absorption of the different types of surfaces, l.e. from 3 to 5 hours and 8 to 24 hours for vitrified surfaces.

The pointing of the coating or till-flooring will be made in the traditional way. The Titacril 215 has been used for more then 20 years on building sites, in the most severe conditions. Consumption

On well-prepared surfaces, 2-2.5 Kgs. Titacril 215 tile-flooring or coating per square meter are sufficient.